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Kim’s energy work allows for vibrational alignment at a deep level, helping to re-balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  By releasing and clearing negative energies and bringing awareness to habitual patterns, Kim’s work can support you in making healthful changes.


Each session is different and tailored to your individual needs. You'll come away with a feeling of profound and deep relaxation, rejuvenation, peace, and new understanding.  


If you are ready, and longing for transformation, this energetic healing is a catalyst for change and will support you in:


• Reducing tension, anxiety, and irritability

• Increasing your ability to rest, re-balance and focus by raising awareness of habitual patterns that can be re-directed

• Connecting to the wise guidance of your highest self and inherent divinity to find new solutions to life’s challenges



Services include, but are not limited to:



 Aroma Acupoint Therapy™ using Essential Oils and Crystals


Stone and Crystal Healing


• Transformational and Vibrational 

  hands-on and distance energy healing


• Reflexology


• Chakra cleansing, energizing and balancing


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