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When you arrive we review your needs and set an intention for the session.  This intention is aligned with the stones/crystals/essential oils that have been selected just for you.


While lying on a soft, padded table, a stone/crystal layout is arranged on your body, and essential oils are applied to specific acupressure points.  Stones and crystals are also arranged in a grid beneath the table. The session continues with a grounding visualization. I work with visualization and the stones to energetically open the chakra system. Then, starting at the crown of the head, vibrational/energetic healing is gently conducted by light physical touch on each side of the body.  We then align, energize and balance the chakra system and auric or bio-magnetic fields. To complete the session, you are wrapped in energetic protection. 


You are given a bottle of pure water that has been energized by stones and crystals to take home with you.


It is recommended that you drink several large glasses of water through the next few hours. An Epsom salt bath can help flush away any residue of toxicity released from the session.

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