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Here's what some of my clients have to say:

As a clinical herbalist and health care provider, I am always on the lookout for other healing arts practitioners whose work would benefit my clients.  Each of the treatments I received from Kim provided subtle yet powerful results.  Her calm, confident and skilled approach set the stage along with her consideration of my physical comfort.  The energy work flowed smoothly and I'm left feeling more calm, more clear, and more focused as I move forward in my life, even in times that are anything but!  I recommend her enthusiastically.

–Carol W., Ojai, CA


Kim is a wonderfully gifted energy healer and reiki master.  She has a kind and caring disposition that immediately allows me to relax and trust her.  I have had many sessions with Kim and each time I experience deep emotional and spiritual healing.  Sometimes I can honestly feel my chakras opening and healing, releasing all the crap that doesn’t belong inside me.  My breath changes to deep inhales and puffy exhales, which I think is funny because I am fully aware of the sounds of my breathing but cannot stop it or change it.  That’s all part of the release.  Often I have a warm and tingling sensation that floats through my body with swirling colors and light, as if I were a kaleidoscope.  Kim uses her intuition and trusts herself and her skills, and that makes the session and experience very enjoyable and blessed.

–Tisha B., Avila Beach, CA


The moment I enter Kim's healing room I know something special is about to happen.  The collection of stones and crystals transmit a palpable sense of harmony.  Her table is by far the most comfortable I have ever encountered and after the session I didn't want to get up.  Kim's presence was respectful, kind, gentle and clear.  I came feeling pretty awful and left feeling so much more balanced and grounded.  Many thanks for your healing gifts, Kim!

–Laurie H., MFT, Ojai, CA







Kim is a very special "clean energy" person and shines her light everywhere she goes.  She is very much ON PURPOSE when she does her healing and that is why it works!  I have such a sense of inner joy, freedom and I feel better than ever after a session with Kim.

–Candice P., Ojai, CA


After an energy healing session with Kim I feel more peace, comfort and nurtured than ever.  My focus, energy and awareness are supported, bolstered and I am able to hold and integrate these energies into both my personal and professional life.

–Donna E., Ojai, CA


I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all your amazing energy healing work and for your wonderful support and guidance throughout the last 4 years.

You are a true inspiration and your kind, loving heart and peaceful soul touched my life in so many ways.
Your incredible energy healing work transformed my life in so many new directions and I found strength, courage, comfort and more peace in my life.
I leave every one of our healing session with a calm and positive sense of purpose for a more meaningful life.
My personal experiences with you Kim have been nothing but enlightening and uplifting.
I am forever grateful to have found you.
You are the most compassionate, loving soul I have ever come across in my life.
Thank You Kim with all my heart for all that you do and for the gift to share my healing journey with you.

–B.C., Ventura, CA

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